Best Torrent Clients – The Best Free Torrent Clients 2021

There is a lot to consider under the Best Torrent Clients. Torrent clients aren’t actual people but rather a way of downloading files that uses a peer-to-peer system.

The Best Free Torrent Clients 2021

These clients give the digital world a faster method to get large files, like movies. But picking the best torrent client is often difficult with all the choices available.

If you might want to consider any of the world’s released Best Torrent Clients, then you should read this article.

Best Torrent Clients

There are the bare-bones ones like Deluge, or if you’re trying to find something with fuller features, then Tixati might be your next client.

Consider our list of recommended torrent clients to find out about these and more. If you’d prefer to pair your client with a strong VPN service, we will assist you out there, too.

It should be noted that torrents are sometimes used for illegal piracy, and Digital Trends doesn’t condone that use in any way.

Torrent Client

Before we get to list out some of the Best Torrent Clients, do you know what a Torrent Client is? These are software applications that let users download files that use peer to peer connection system.


This is one of the Best Torrent Clients. It is additionally widely supportive of modern operating systems. You will be able to download and run it on Windows, macOS, Linux, OS/2, iOS, Android, and FreeBSD, among others.

And its support for over 70 different languages. There are three versions of the BitTorrent Client. One of its preferred features is the built-in search tool. It requires a bit of setup to make sure that you’re complying with local laws.

But once it’s there, you don’t have to visit any of the torrent sites you would typically use to find your downloads. That has the advantage of potentially skipping over a website that would be infected with malware. Or have nefarious money-generating practices like crypto-jacking.


This is another free and open-source torrent client. It leans and quite bare-bones with its base installation. And this is perfect if that is all you want.

But if you seek more advanced features, you can as well customize Deluge to your preference. This can be done by accessing its pack of plugins.


This is totally ad-free and focused on functionality for frequent torrenters. There are a lot of features to love just like the in-app search engine for locating specific files, a built-in media player, and encryption capabilities.

This is a finely tuned balance, and the software works across all major platforms. Though, this does not tend to favor more experienced users compared to starters who may need extra features.


It is also considered as the Best Torrent Client as it provides in-depth and comprehensive data on the peers that you are connected with.

There are also detailed breakdowns of your bandwidth usage and an event logger that can help you stay on top of everything that your client is doing.


BiglyBT is an offshoot from the Azureus torrent client and also the youngest one on this list. It originated from the Vuze/Azureus open-source project in 2003. But made its debut in 2017 and is entirely open source and ad-free.

This feature may be a benefit few torrent clients can boast of. While it lacks some features that other more comprehensive clients have, like DVD-burning capabilities. BiglyBT has everything you would like to share content online quickly and simply.


It’s worth mentioning that before BiglyBT’s release, its manufacturers were operating on Vuze, which explains why both clients’ designs share such a lot of similarities. But while Vuze’s page has advertisements, they’re not obtrusive and stick with relatively small banner space.

Just like any Best Torrent Clients, Vuze recognizes how irritating ads may be. So, Vuze Plus offers a paid, ad-free upgrade. This, and other premium plans, also offer you antivirus protection.

And also, the ability to download media while you’re watching or paying attention to something else. Additionally, the premium plans all include a 30-day money-back guarantee should you decide it’s not for you. More research can be done on Google.


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