Best Sites to Download PC Games – Best Download Sites for PC Games 2021

Downloading PC games have never been much better with the best sites to download them. I have been downloading a lot of games recently thanks to the sites on my list, and they can also be useful to you since some of them are free to download sites. With that stated, if you are looking for sites to download great games for your PC, then you really need to check out my list of the best sites to download PC games.

Best Sites to Download PC Games

Gaming has always been an exciting and very addictive way to sit back and relax and most especially have fun for a long time now. Gaming enhances not just our physical capabilities, but also our mental capabilities since we have to make use of our imagination and brain to select every next move. Now, there are lots of Genres of gaming check out, and fortunately, the site on my list happens to have all the kinds of PC games that would want to check out, with that stated, I would be giving you my list of best Sites to download on PC.

Best Sites to Download PC Games

Below are some of the best sites to download games on your PC. Some of these sites offer game downloads for free, while others offer both free and at a price. They include:


This website was developed by Valve Corporations and has been around for about thirteen years now. Steam is recognized as one of the largest digital distribution of video games up to date. They have thousands of games available, from indie games to action games, and they have everything that every player would look for in gaming. The site also operates in 28 different languages.

The platform allows gamers to stream video games in form of movies, demos, tutorials or episodes. And it is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

GOG is a site operated by GOG limited. The site was once recognized as Good Old Games. is a Cypriot digital platform for video games and movies. These movies and games can now be downloaded and purchased online. The games on the site can be downloaded and installed on your PC with just one click. The site is really great for PC games.

G2A has been considered to be one of the fastest-growing global digital marketplaces. The platform has over 12 million customers and 2 million sellers from over the world. This site acts as an intermediary and connects the buyers and sellers. The site is not created to sell or buy games itself, but it only delivers different platforms for others to sell and purchase digital products.

They offer action, arcades, games for children, puzzles, simulation, songs games, racing, and a lot more.


This site is a digital distribution software with the goal of promoting gaming. It was developed by Electronic Arts, a company that is behind the success of a lot of global games today. The site offers both games for PC and mobile. The site is also known for dealing with the best cheapest deals and also places some games for sale occasionally.

PC games

This is an online gaming site. With this site, you get to download several games. It is also run by EA games. The site would offer you all kinds of Categories of games which is really great.

Ocean of Games

This site was developed by the British software company Ocean Software. It happens to have a large variety of games like action games, song games, arcade games, RPG, Survival and fantasy game, and a lot more. This site offers a lot of games for free which is really great for those that cannot purchase the games that they which to play.

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