How to Make Bealls Credit Card Payment

If you shop often at Bealls, and you have applied for their credit card, you should know that it comes with the responsibility of making payments on time. So, this article will give you the right knowledge on how to make Bealls payment.

Bealls Credit Card Payment
Bealls Credit Card Payment

Bealls credit card is issued by Comenity Bank, they also have an online account that makes it easy to make payments, see your statements and manage your account. Through Bealls credit card, you can get more discounts for spending more like a membership tier system and money-saving offers.

One of the benefits you get by using this card is a 10% discount when you make your first purchase. Although this card has no formal points-based gift certificate system, you can build up VIP points.

So, if you are searching for a store credit card with benefits like extra discounts, the Bealls credit card is a good choice. All you need to do is pay your minimum balance on time so you do not get stuck with high interest rates and you also have to look out for special offers that will entice you into spending more than you planned.

How to Make Bealls Credit Card Payment

There are several ways to make payment for Bealls credit card. These methods will be outlined below, so you can decide which one you want to use.

How To Make Payment Online

if you want to make your payment online, here is how you can do so.

  • Go to the Bealls credit card website.
  • Tap the sign-in button.
  • Then enter your username and password, then log in to your account.
  • On your dashboard, locate the payment section.
  • Then tap the make payments option
  • Fill in the required information
  • Then tap confirm payment.

Set Up Online Auto Payment

To set up automatic payment from your online account, follow the steps below.

  • Search for the payment link at the top of the page, then choose automatic payments.
  • Follow the leadings to set up an automatic payment.
  • Then wait for the email that will be sent to you.

When you set up an automatic payment, you can decide the date you want to make payment every month.

How To Make Payment by Phone

To make Bealls payment by phone, follow the instructions below.

  • Get your card and call the customer service number on the back of your card.
  • Call your account number and PIN when told to do so.
  • Next, you follow the leadings to make your payment.
  • Then you fill in your payment details and confirm the amount.
  • After this action, your payment will be processed, then your payment will be confirmed

How To Make Payment by Mail

If you want to pay your bill through mail, follow the procedure below.

  • Put together a check or money order for the payment amount.
  • Then write your Bealls credit card number on the payment.
  • Next, you send the payment to the address on your credit card statement.
  • Your payment will be processed within seven to ten business days.

Benefits Of Bealls Credit Card

Below are the benefits of bealls credit card.

  • For every 100 points you earn, you get a $5 payback.
  • You also get 2 reward points for every $1 you spend on your card.
  • Cardholders also get a 10% birthday gift and a Christmas gift.
  • And you also get double points 4 times a year, where $1 spent will give you 4 points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Set Up Auto Payments for Bealls Credit Card?

Yes, you can set up auto payments for your Bealls credit card. To do this, log in to your account on the Comenity Bank website then locate the payment section. choose the ‘Automatic Payment’ option and drop your bank account details. On the due date for payment, the money will be automatically deducted from your account.

What Happens When I Miss My Bealls Credit Card Payment?

If you miss your Bealls credit card payment, you will be charged a late fee and the fee ranges from $25 to $40, but it depends on your account status. Also, know that missing a payment can affect your credit score negatively.

Can I Pay My Bealls Credit Card Bill In-Store?

It is not possible to pay your Bealls credit card bill in-store. But you can make a payment through the Bealls credit card kiosk.



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