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Ashoka is a leading force in the ever-changing world of social entrepreneurship. It serves as a guiding light for innovators who are passionate about making a positive impact. The Ashoka Fellowship is at the core of Ashoka’s efforts, offering not just financial aid but also building a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to creating lasting solutions.

Ashoka Fellowship
Ashoka Fellowship

Overview of Ashoka Fellowship

Ashoka, established in 1980, has been a leader in the field of social entrepreneurship. The organization’s Fellowship program demonstrates its dedication to finding and assisting individuals who have innovative solutions to important social issues. The fellowship acknowledges the potential of these individuals to create meaningful, widespread, and enduring change.

Ashoka’s Application Process

Ashoka has a rigorous process for identifying and selecting social entrepreneurs who share its vision of creating systemic change. The process includes:

  • Nomination or Application Submission: Candidates can be identified through nominations by Ashoka staff, current Fellows, or other recognized individuals in the social entrepreneurship space. Alternatively, individuals can submit applications during specific application periods, providing detailed information about their background and the proposed social impact initiative
  • Initial Screening and Exploration: Submitted applications are reviewed, and shortlisted candidates may go through an initial screening process. Ashoka staff may conduct interviews or additional research to understand the depth and potential impact of the candidate’s work.
  • In-Depth Interviews: Shortlisted candidates undergo in-depth interviews with Ashoka staff and external experts, focusing on their background, the innovative nature of their project, and their commitment to social impact.
  • Peer Review: The candidates and their projects undergo a peer review process, involving evaluation by Ashoka’s network of current Fellows and external experts. This provides diverse perspectives and insights into the potential impact and scalability of the candidate’s work.
  • Panel Selection: A panel of experts, often with deep experience in social entrepreneurship, makes the final selection of Ashoka Fellows based on the insights gained from the exploration, interviews, and peer review process.
  • Announcement and Onboarding: Successful candidates are officially announced as Ashoka Fellows and undergo an onboarding process to integrate into the Ashoka community and gain access to resources and support provided by the Fellowship.
  • Support and Resources: Selected Fellows receive financial support, mentorship, and access to the global community of Ashoka Fellows. This support system is designed to help them scale their impact, navigate challenges, and contribute to systemic change.
  • The process and timeline for the Central and Eastern Europe program may differ from other regional programs. You can discover the application process for this program by visiting this link:

Selection Criteria

The Ashoka Fellowship seeks individuals who exhibit three key qualities:

  • New Idea: Fellows must have a fresh and innovative idea that has the potential to create systemic change.
  • Entrepreneurial Quality: Candidates should demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities, showing the ability to turn their ideas into sustainable solutions.
  • Social Impact: The impact of their work should extend beyond immediate beneficiaries, aiming for broader societal transformation.

Support and Benefits

Once chosen, Ashoka Fellows are provided with various forms of support and advantages:

  • Financial Assistance: Leaders from the foundation, corporate, and NGO sectors have the opportunity to receive a stipend while participating in our program. There are three types of stipends available, including €7,500, €5,000, and €2,500. Our stipends allow fellows to focus on their projects without the burden of financial difficulties by covering their living costs.
  • Guidance: The fellowship offers access to a network of skilled mentors and advisors who assist and support fellows in overcoming obstacles.
  • Worldwide Community: Fellows become members of a lively global community of individuals driving change. This community encourages collaboration, sharing of ideas, and mutual support, thereby enhancing the influence of each initiative.

Empowering Change Makers through the Ashoka Fellowship

  • The Ashoka Fellowship empowers individuals with transformative ideas to become catalysts for positive change in social entrepreneurship.
  • Fellows receive financial support in the form of stipends to scale their initiatives without financial limitations.
  • Fellows gain access to a network of experienced mentors and advisors for logistical support and guidance.
  • The Fellowship creates a vibrant global community for collaboration, idea-sharing, and mutual support.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to collaborate on an international scale, transcending geographic boundaries and sectoral limitations.
  • Success stories of Ashoka Fellows showcase the transformative power of social entrepreneurship.
  • The impact of the Fellowship extends beyond individuals, contributing to a broader culture of innovation and social impact.

The Ashoka Fellowship’s Impact on Society

The positive impact of the Ashoka Fellowship on society is as follows:

  • The Ashoka Fellowship promotes innovative solutions to societal challenges and supports approaches that challenge the status quo.
  • The Fellowship strives for systemic change by transforming the root causes of social issues and reshaping societal norms, policies, and institutions.
  • The impact of the Fellowship extends beyond the Fellows themselves, inspiring others to become change-makers and envision themselves as catalysts for positive change.
  • The work of Ashoka Fellows creates a ripple effect, reaching communities, industries, and sectors, and influencing practices and attitudes on a broader scale.
  • The Fellowship addresses diverse social issues, including healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and social justice, contributing to the holistic development of society.
  • The Ashoka Fellowship fosters a collaborative community that builds bridges between sectors and enhances collective efforts for social change.


The article emphasizes the importance of empowering change-makers, with Ashoka Fellowship playing a vital role in recognizing and supporting individuals making a significant positive impact towards building a more inclusive and sustainable world. Together, collective efforts can amplify the impact of social entrepreneurs and create positive change on a global scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there specific industries or fields that the Ashoka Fellowship focuses on?

The Ashoka Fellowship covers a wide range of industries, including education, healthcare, environment, and more. It supports individuals who are addressing urgent social issues with scalable solutions.

What kind of support does Ashoka offer to its Fellows?

Ashoka offers financial assistance, networking opportunities, and a platform to enhance the impact of Fellows’ initiatives. It also creates a community of change-makers who share similar goals.

Is it possible for anyone to contribute to the Ashoka Fellowship?

Absolutely! Ashoka welcomes individuals, businesses, and organizations to contribute towards their mission of social change. You can support them through partnerships, donations, or volunteering.



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