Apple Is Currently Selling Apple Watches on Its Website Yet Again

Apple is currently selling Apple watches on its website yet again. After a temporary ban on the sale of select Apple Watches in the US, the smartwatch maker is now selling them yet again on its website, well, for now.

Apple Selling Apple Watches on Its Website

Apple Selling Apple Watches on Its Website

Apple has just resumed selling the latest Apple Watches on its website after a federal appeals court reportedly paused a sales and import ban.

The Apple Watch Series 9 as well as the Ultra 2 is now once again available on the website of Apple, which is just a day after some physical Apple stores started selling the watches on December 27th. Apple prior to this revealed to The Verge that the watches in question should be available widely in its physical stores by Saturday.

The US International Trade Commission Issued the Ban

The US International Trade Commission as you should know issued the said ban after finding out that Apple had violated patents from Masimo, a medical device maker around a blood oxygen saturation feature that is included in the Series 9 and Ultra 2. The company reportedly pulled both models in question from shelves and its website in the previous week, just ahead of the ban which is officially starting on December 26th.

Apple Is Appealing the Ban

Apple is however appealing the said ban and has therefore proposed changes to the watches in a bid to avoid patent issues. The company was allowed to continue selling the watches temporarily until the US Customs and Border Protection on the other hand rules on the proposed changes on January 12th.



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