Apple iOS 17.1.1 Has Been Released and It Patches These iPhone Issues

Apple iOS 17.1.1 has been released and it patches these iPhone issues. That said, if it is you have an iPhone device, then you should go ahead and download the update now so as to patch all the issues you currently have with your iPhone.

Apple iOS 17.1.1 Released

Apple iOS 17.1.1 Released

Apple recently released iOS 17.1.1 on Nov. 7, which is about two weeks after the tech conglomerate released iOS 17.1. The latest update as you should know does not include any new features, but it however does fix a couple of issues and bugs that some iPhone users have recently experienced.

How to Download the Update

Downloading this update is simple and easy. To download this very update, follow the steps below;

  • On your iPhone device, go to settings and then to general.
  • Next, select the software update option and tap on the Install Now button.

That’s it. Well, you will however need to follow up with the on-screen instructions from there on.

Issues Addressed by the New Apple iOS Update

The update from Apple reportedly addresses an issue that causes some iPhone 15 features, such as Apple Pay, to not work after a reported wireless charging in some vehicles. The update in question also addresses an issue that reportedly causes the Weather lock screen widget to not show the symbol for snow correctly.

iPhone Issues Caused By The Previous Apple iOS Update

While some iPhone users on the other hand stated on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the update in question appeared to cause the battery of their device to drain, and it was the topic of a discussion on Reddit, it is still not clear if it is a widespread issue and problem. CNET has however contacted Apple for comment on the matter. Apple prior to this has however, stated that this isn’t unusual and it can also take up to 48 hours for the apps and features of your iPhone to adjust to a new update.

Apple’s Release Note for iOS 17.1.1

That said, here are the release notes of Apple for iOS 17.1.1;

“This update provides bug fixes for your iPhone including:

  • In rare circumstances, Apple Pay and other NFC features may become unavailable on iPhone 15 models after wireless charging in certain cars.
  • Weather Lock Screen widget may not correctly display snow.”

Apple is however expected to release iOS 17.2 very soon. That update in question could include long-awaited features such as the Journal app and Contact Key Verification.



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