American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25 (Up to $300 Honorarium Per Tour Day) – APPLY NOW

The American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25, is currently open for applications. AMA is sponsored and funded by the U.S. Department of State and the United States Government respectively. It is administered by the Association of American Voices.

American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25
American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25

The American Department of State’s 70 years of musical diplomacy are preserved through the American Music Abroad (AMA) program, which unites people all over the world via education, entertainment, and musical heritage. AMA is a direct descendent of the 1950s Jazz Ambassadors programs, which still show the effectiveness of using music (the universal language), as a vehicle for cultural diplomacy to bring people together.

The 2024-25 edition of the AMA program will select 10 bands, each consisting of 3 to 5 members, for the Tour Season based on their exceptional musical ability, performance and educational programming aptitude, and ability to adapt to a wide range of international audiences. Based on band availability, the 10 chosen bands will take part in a 17–21-day worldwide tour that will visit one to three countries between September 2024 and July 2025.

 Benefits Of American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25

Each member of the band will get a daily honorarium of $300 for touring, in addition to receiving per diems from the US government in the towns they visit.

All production and travel costs are paid for.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible, band members must be U.S. citizens above the age of 18. They should have no felonies nor be delinquent on child support.
  • Bands must have the ability to Tour abroad for 17–21 days, from September 2024 to July 2025. This is a core requirement (depending on band availability).
  • All artists have to be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Bands ought to be made up of three to five people who are exceptionally talented musicians, and adept performers, and provide educational programming.
  • The band’s members need to be flexible enough to perform for a range of international audiences.
  • The eligible musical genres for the AMA program include cappella, country, hip hop, rap, rock, indie, classical, folk, Latin, rhythm & blues, soul, jazz, Broadway, gospel, and Native American music.

How to Apply for the American Music Abroad (AMA) 2024-25?

Application Deadline:

January 24, 2023.



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