Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme 2024 for Young South Africans (Funding Available)

The Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme 2024 is a remarkable opportunity for young South Africans to experience personal and communal growth. This Fellowship Program offers financial, it’s also a catalyst for nurturing visionary leaders committed to making a positive impact on society.

Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme

The fellowship participants are provided with needs-based funding for the university, as well as access to support and development aimed at cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.

Aim of the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship

  • Choosing Entrepreneurship As A Viable Career Path

The Fellowship Programme is committed to cultivating entrepreneurship among Candidate Fellows. At the end of the program, participants are imbued with a profound entrepreneurial mindset. The curriculum, disseminated through the AGOF Online Campus, emphasizes responsible entrepreneurship, the ability to transform ideas into viable opportunities, and a deep appreciation for the Foundation’s values.

  • Deepening The Understanding Of Entrepreneurship

Each candidate receives personalized support to navigate the transition into university life. Personal Development Officers, Entrepreneurial Leadership Officers, and industry mentors collectively guide Fellows in deepening their understanding of entrepreneurial traits and concepts.


  • The Fellowship Programme ensures that financial barriers do not hinder potential leaders. Applicants with a combined annual household income of R1 million or below are eligible for full funding, while those above this threshold receive needs-based funding, reinforcing the commitment to inclusivity.
  • The program goes beyond traditional academic support, offering a multifaceted learning experience. From inspiring speakers and seminars to practical workshops, experiential exercises, and access to business incubation, Fellows are immersed in a rich environment that fosters innovation and critical thinking.
  • Successful candidates also gain access to business/venture funding through E Squared, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s sister entity. Personal Leadership Officers and industry mentors provide ongoing mentorship, creating a like-minded community that nurtures well-rounded individuals with a community-oriented mindset.


To be eligible for the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme

  • Candidates must demonstrate a minimum of 60% in Pure Mathematics or 80% in Mathematical Literacy for final grade 11 results.
  • A minimum average of 70% for final Grade 11 results, excluding Life Orientation, is also required.
  • Applicants must be under 21 years old in the year of their application, South African citizens, and
  • Intend to pursue a degree in specified fields at recognized universities.

Application Process

Candidates must submit their application forms and supporting documents online or via post before the deadline on 30 April 2024, 17:00 SAST.

Successful applicants will be invited for an interview in July 2024, followed by a selection camp in September 2024.

Adequate time should be allocated to completing the application form, with at least two days recommended to ensure accuracy and completeness.

First-Year University Campaign:

  • While the 2024 first-year university campaign is closed for public applications, each university has the opportunity to nominate entrepreneurially-minded first-year students who meet specific criteria.
  • Eligible candidates must currently be in their first year of study, maintain an academic average of 65% after the first semester of 2023, and be turning no older than 22 years in 2024.
  • The nominated students should be studying towards degrees in Arts, Humanities, Law, Science, Commerce, Engineering, or Health Science (excluding Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Sciences).

For More Information, please Visit the Official webpage of the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Programme at

Application Deadline:

30 April 2024.

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