Add Payoneer Card to PayPal – Payoneer Card

Add Payoneer Card to PayPal

How can I add Payoneer card to my PayPal Account? Adding a Payoneer master card to PayPal may seem to be a pain in the ass, but there are a few ways to get around this and make it easier. PayPal is also one of the most convenient ways to receive funds for your business when dealing internationally. The only problem you can face with PayPal as a Nigerian is that you would be totally unable to withdraw your funds. Your funds can be used to shop online but totally unable to be withdrawn.

Add Payoneer Card to PayPal - Payoneer Card

The good thing about PayPal is that it is accepted worldwide. Nigerians have found a way around PayPal. They can now withdraw with their payoneer card after linking it to PayPal. The only thing is that you cannot receive payments with the card as it is a debit card. Funds can also be transferred from your PayPal account to your payoneer account using the payoneer US payment service. Before you can receive funds to PayPal, you must have a PayPal business account, and the good news is that it is totally free to open.

PayPal Business Account

The PayPal business account can easily be opened from the official PayPal website. This can be done online. Follow these steps to open a PayPal business account online.

  • Go to the official PayPal home page.
  • Click “sign up”
  • When you are prompted to choose an account type, select “business account”.
  • you would be asked to fill a form. fill the form with the right information and continue by click “agree and continue”.
  • add your business name and the kind of business you do and click the continue link.

After you complete this process, you can now log out of your PayPal account. Next thing is to open a payoneer account and order for a payoneer master debit card.

How to Open Payoneer Account Online

If you are new to payoneer follow the steps you see below

  • Navigate to the official payoneer website and hit the “sign up” button.
  • Fill the form you see with personal details and continue.
  • add your contact and security details to continue.
  • To apply for the card, go to the US payment service page and select “existing customers” if you have a payoneer debit card. if you do not have a debit card choose “new customers”.
  • Now send the pop-up message to payoneer mail service and wait to receive instructions to get your US bank account.

How to Add Payoneer Card to PayPal

When you get the mail follow the steps and add every information you are required to add. If your account was successfully opened. You can now log back in to PayPal and register both your debit card. The question is how I can add my Payoneer card to my PayPal Account (Link my Card). The simple step below will guide you through.

  • Login to your PayPal account
  • On your PayPal account, scroll down the page and click on Add a Card
  • Select the Payoneer card Type
  • Enter all the necessary information required from the card on it required space
  • Once you are able to Add all the necessary information required on it required space, click on SAVE, you card information will be successfully added to your PayPal  Account

Adding your Payoneer card to your PayPal Account, makes transaction between Payoneer and PayPal Successfull


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