Aalto Summer Research Program 2024 in Finland (1800 €/Per Month) | APPLY NOW

Are you a student of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business, Arts, and Architecture? Would you like to have international exposure in your academic or professional paths? If yes, the Aalto Summer Research Program 2024 in Finland is the perfect opportunity you seek.

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Aalto University is offering a golden opportunity for up to sixty (60) successfully selected international students across the globe, to engage in cutting-edge research at the renowned Otaniemi campus in Finland.

Aalto University welcomes eligible students worldwide for the 2024 Summer Research Internship. Participating students will have the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed research groups, to gain invaluable exposure.

Overview of the Aalto Summer Research Program

Participants will get to explore 53 projects across various disciplines, including Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, electronics and Nanoengineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and System Analysis, Applied Physics, Bioproducts and Biosystems, Information and Communications Engineering, Built Environment, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Students with prior knowledge about any of the aforementioned fields will be at an advantage of being selected for this summer internship in Europe. Completion of the twelve-week program involves submitting project findings to the Aalto community for approval.

Benefits of the Aalto Summer Research Program

  • Competitive Salary: Bachelor’s students receive 1800 € per month, while master’s students enjoy a higher stipend.
  • Travel Bonus and Living Expenses: Participants receive a travel bonus, and the salary covers accommodation and living costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Aalto Summer Research Program 2024

  • Applicants must be physically present on campus; remote participation is not permitted.
  • Academic Background: Bachelor’s and master’s students in their second or third year with a strong educational background are encouraged to apply.
  • Exclusion Criteria: Unfortunately, students from Russia and Belarus cannot apply due to EU sanctions.
  • Language Proficiency: Applicants must have an excellent command of the English language.

Application Process for Aalto Summer Research Program 2024

The process of applying for the Aalto Summer Research Program 2024, Involves the following steps:

Deadline for Application

The application deadline for the Aalto Summer Research Program is January 29 2024.


Can I apply for more than three projects?

No, the application allows a maximum of three project selections.

Is remote participation allowed?

No, physical presence on campus is a mandatory requirement.

What is the selection process for projects?

Projects are allocated based on applicants’ qualifications and preferences.

Can PhD students apply directly?

No, but they can contact research groups for guidance.

Are there language requirements for the application?

Yes, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English through TOEFL or IELTS scores.



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