2021 Steam Winter Sale – Steam Winter Sales Schedule

2021 Steam Winter Sale. With the holiday approaching fast, all PC gamers that are making use of steam are definitely looking forward to the steam winter sales. Some PC gaming stores have commenced their year’s end sales, but some are quite the event that the steam Winter sale has turned into over the years.

2021 Steam Winter Sale

The major question here now is when would be Steam Winter sale actually begin? While for most of the year’s leaks have been the main source, we thankfully have some good information this year.

2021 Steam Winter Sale

Earlier this year, Valve itself revealed details concerning dates for some of its year-end sales on the Steamworks Documentation website, including the Steam Winter sale. Well, thanks to that we can now say confidently that the 2021 steam winter sales would commence on the 22nd, 2021. That’s tomorrow for those that happen to not have a calendar handy.

Steam Winter Sales Schedule

The sales have been scheduled to commence when the steam store refreshed at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST tomorrow, and it is expected to run until the same time on the 5th of January. That offers PC gamers about two weeks to sweep up any deals they may be interested in. And lots of discounts are expected from steam seeing as this is one of two annual sales where much the steam library is discounted.

This sale is the third sale in as many months for Steam, which ran Autumn sales in October and November. They both possess similarity in scope and are shorter in duration than the steam winter sale is expected to be so even though steam users already possess recent tastes of discounts, the Winter Sale is undoubtedly the main course.

Steam competitors especially the Epic Games Store and GOG have kicked off their year-end sales, and they seem to be getting ahead of steam. The Epic Games store is going particularly hard this year, offering a free game daily and a $10 coupon on every full game that happens to be priced at $14.99 or higher. Steam’s sale almost would certainly be more reserved than Epic’s, though we are expecting plenty of deep discounts.

2021 Steam Awards

Now, it is worth having at the back of your mind that voting for the 2021 Steam Awards would commence during the winter sale. The voting is expected to kick off tomorrow with the arrival of the winter sale and wraps up on January 3rd at 9 AM PST, with winners likely to be announced during the final days of the sale.

Although currently, you cannot vote, you still get to view categories and nominees over on the Steam store and decide now which games you’ll vote for when the time comes. Otherwise, look for the 2021 Steam Winter Sale that would be commencing on the 22nd of December.


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