YouTube – | YouTube Video Download is an American video sharing and hosting website, which allows users to watch, stream, upload and create their own channel on it online platform. YouTube was built and launch in February 2005 and was sold to Google in 2006. Ever since Google bought the service from the real finder.  It has been the top online video streaming service were you can watch, upload individual video, share and learn about thing through it medium.

YouTube - | YouTube Video Download

YouTube video sharing and host service is one of the simplest online website or web internet service; you can actually watch video for free using an internet connected device. It is a free website to every user who visit the site. Know feel is required from you before you can be able to watch video on it platform online.

Most people has always though that you need to sign up or create an account or subscribe to it service before you can have access to watch it video for free. This is the truth you don’t need to sign up or create an account neither do you need to subscribe to it service before you can be able to watch video that are been shared by other individual.

If you want to start sharing your own video on it service and also get people to start watching your video you share. Then you need to create your own YouTube channel. You can also have access to some of it service only when you are subscribe to it service. | YouTube Video Download

People have always found it difficult to download videos from its website. This has always been an issue to most visitors who love to download most of their wonderful video from it platform. If you want to download any of YouTube video of any format then you need to follow the step below.

  1. Open any web internet browser on your internet connect device
  2. Type in the url on the search bar of the browser you are using.
  3. The next page that pops out is the homes that contain some recent uploaded videos. Search for the name of the video you want to download on the search. Once you see the video from your search, you can click on it to proceed further.
  4. Locate the link of the video at the top of the page. Remove from the https://www. from the link of the video you want to download. The link always come In this format add SS at the front of the link you remove https//www. The link will now be in the form SSyoutube.come/ results:?search quer=chelsea+vs+tottenham
  5. Click on enter to proceed. Select the format of video you want to download and lick download to start downloading your video

hurry up and download YouTube Video for free

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