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WhatsApp is one of the most used online instant messaging social media application service for mobile and also PC user. With a new feature called Whatsapp web. This service was found and released in 2009 by Brian and Jan Koum. But it was later sold to Facebook for US$19.3 billion in February 2014. It became the most popular messaging app all over the world after having a user base of one billion.

WhatsApp Web - Web.whatsapp.com

whapsApp service has real been more useful and of great help to many users, ever since it was launched for use. Due to it fast message delivery system. Send of message from one user to the other is one of the best features of this service. It has really be of a great help to most users in term of it quick message delivery

WhatsApp online service works on an internet connected device support by it platform. One thing that really make it service more useful and outstanding was because, user don’t need to start looking for peoples pins or search for whapsapp online user before they can make use of it service. All they need is just the mobile contact of the user they want to send message and conversation start immediately between two them. It is an easy platform to always use to connect with your friend via it message system.

One nice feature of WhatsApp is it offline service. An offline user can always get a notification for a new message sent by another whatsapp online user. This message can either be video, picture or normal message.

As time passed things began to change and more competitors began to arise from various part of world. WhatsApp began to update it service on aregular base, to meet up with it connection between users. And also becoming more outstanding than most of it competitor around the world. This update was done on most of it features and also introduction of some new features.

WhatsApp Web | Online WhatsApp Web Internet Service for Windows & Macs PCs

One amazing feature that was introduced by this messaging social media application was WhatsApp Web. Whatsapp web is one nice feature that was introduced to this wonderful service. This feature was introduced to this service to satisfy both windows and Mac users who make use of web internet browser to browser the internet.

Most time users might be on the internet using their PC devices. And may not have the time to check their mobile device for newly arrived message. But with Whatsapp web, user can always work on internet using their PCs device and also open a new tab for whatsapp web online internet service. On that same browser they are using to browse the internet.

Whatsapp Web |How to Use WhatsApp Web | Web.whatsapp.com

Whatsapp web can be use or activate on your PC device using your Whatsapp mobile app that is on your mobile phone. If you must use Whatsapp web on your PC device them you just need to follow the procedure to connect your PC to Whatsapp Web.

  1. Launch any web browser on your PC device
  2. Enter the url web.whapsapp.com on the search bar of the browser you launched. And click enter to navigate further
  3. The next page that pops out will require you to use your phone to scan the code. You can use any of Whatsapp support mobile device to scan the QR code on your PC device. These support mobile device are Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Blackberry 10 and Nokia S60
  4. Open the Whatsapp app on your mobile supported device. Click on menu If you are using Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60 and Blackberry and click on Whatsapp web from the pop out page. But if you are using iPhone click on setting and click on Whatsapp web from the next page that pops out. If you are using Blackberry 10, swipe down your phone screen from the top of your screen and click on WhatsApp web.
  5. Place your mobile phone at the front of your PC to scan QR Code using your phone camera. Click on “OK Got it” to proceed further to start using WhatsApp Web to chat with your friend.

Enjoy it nice users Experience, as you are fully connected to WhatsApp Web

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