Man Crush Wednesday | #MCW – Use #MCW on Social Media

Man Crush Wednesday | #MCW – Use #MCW on Social Media #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) is another popular slang just like #WCW, #MCM and other popular slangs used on social Medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts. What is #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday) Slang Really for? #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday)… Read More….

Women Crush Wednesday | #WCW – Use #WCW on Social Media

#WCW is an abbreviation that simply means “Women Crush Wednesday”. Thus, it’s a popular hashtag which started on twitter as a way to tag posts about women whom people admire or find attractive. It then went viral onto other social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumbler. The meaning of the… Read More….

Facebook lite – App view – App Download

Facebook lite

Fast Facebook App for Updating, Sending and Receiving Messages Before I make any review on Facebook lite. Let me first tell about it found Facebook. Facebook is a social network that gives it user’s nice edge to meet with various individual irrespective of their location. It create friend between users. It… Read More….