Gunship Battle – Mobile Game Review

Gunship Battle is an adventurous mobile video game due to the battle and war you fight along the way to accomplish you mission. In this game, an helicopter is used In fighting every Battle and accomplishing mission in it.

 Gunship Battle – Mobile Game Review

The game is mainly built on fighting and properly destroying the camp of your enemies to keep you alive. In Gunship Battle you can accomplish your mission and defending yourself by using your weapons. Which you bullet and rocket to kill your enemies so that they can’t be able to attack you.

Gunship Battle is a game that is made of built on nice and fantastic graphic. The battle areas of this game are mountain side, sea areas, lands and river banks. Why playing this game you should be acknowledge on how to battle and keep yourself alive till you finish the mission before you or else you would start that particular mission over again. That is one of the major aim of the game, which you must always put in mind why playing it.

How to Play Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle is one very simple and easy game to play.  You just have to know how to control and play this game. For you to play this game you need to know more and learn more about the icons used in playing this game. And the major ways of attacking and defeating all your enemies.

There are three icons on your left side of the phone screen and two on the right side of the phone screen. The icon on the left, that is pointing forward is used to move your helicopter forward. While the other icon that is pointing backward is used to move your helicopter backward. Why the last icon on the left side of your phone screen in the shape of missile is used to fire your missile. The icon at right side of your phone screen the first one facing the left side is used to fire hard bullets that can cause damages. It is like missile but not missile. The other icon at your right side of your phone screen is used to fire normal bullet. And you place your target by moving the phone or waving the phone to place the target on the enemies or enemies’ base.

How to Download Gunship Battle

  1. Locate your app store on your mobile device and click on it.
  2. The home page of your app store will display to you with several different app option
  3. Enter the name of the app you want to download on the search bar of your app store.
  4. Select the app you want to download from the options of apps that display on your phone screen.
  5. Click on install to get the app downloaded and install on your device.

Gunship Battle is one game that always gives you action moment. It is filled with amazing action when playing it. Hurry up and download this game. Don’t miss any action in this game.


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