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Chelsea runner starts with the Chelsea squad in Rio for a soccer match, suddenly there is heavy traffic on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the player can help the Chelsea squad reach the stadium before the match begins, the player can do this by collecting coins, opening mystery boxes and buying head starts.

Chelsea runnerThe game was offered by the Chelsea football club, and was updated on the 4th of august 2016, it is a new game that has the entire Chelsea squad on board, the squad includes famous soccer players like Diego Costa, Oscar, Cesc Fabregas, Pedro, Willian and others, the new update includes new signings like Kennedy, Baba Rahman and others, the game allows the player enjoy endless running action along with fantastic graphics, sounds and sound effects, the game includes in app purchases.

Brief summary of the game

The Chelsea squad had arrived at Rio  when they realise that there is a lot of traffic, so the squad sent John Terry the team captain, who is also the first character the player gets while playing to get to the stadium, so on the way, he needs to manover bus, jump over cars and collect coins and  like

Magnetic gloves

X2 point multipliers

And super jumps

The player can get head starts buy  the super kick which is a ball in purple flame in the shop section.

The player can also get mystery boxes on the way, to unlock characters, the player needs to 30 jerseys of his favourite Chelsea player’s number like to unlock Diego Costa, the player needs to the number “19” jersey 30 times, to unlock Eden hazard, the player needs to get the number “10” jersey 30 times and the same number of Jersey for the other characters

Everyday, the player is given a daily challenge which the player has to complete with the amount of time given, the player can buy a vast number of items in the ” Shop” section, the player can both check and change characters in the “Me” section, the player can receive awards in the ” Awards” section

Aim and objectives of the Chelsea runner

The aim of Chelsea runner are:

To complete daily challenges and missions, for the player to complete the daily challenges he or she has to use the character to get all the letters of the given word.

collect unlock all players in the squad and

To get beat all Chelsea players high scores

The controls of the game

The controls of Chelsea runner are very simple and easy to use, it is as simple as

Swipe to the left and the right in other to man over cars and buses, the player can swipe up to jump over cars and the player can swipe down to tackle. The controls of Chelsea runner is as easy as it could be.

The features of the game

Chelsea runner Game graphics:

The game has a blend of 3D and 2D. The characters, the vehicles, and the power ups are in 3D. While the background and the people of Rio are in 2D. Each power up has a glowing light, the glowing light allows the player see the power up from a far distance. Each power up has a unique glowing color.

The mystery boxes, X2 multipliers and shields has a blue glowing light, the magnetic gloves has a red glowing light,and the super jump has a purple glowing light, the power ups last for only a short time so the player should make maximum use of it, also the power up floats in the air to make it easier to collect.

Game sounds:

Cool game sounds and sound effects are fantastic and wonderful.The music are tropical to suit the tropical region of Brazil.

Other features of the game

It is the first endless club running game

It has fantastic graphics

Chelsea runner allows the player take breath-taking  views of the city of Rio

Its  sounds are wonderful

The game is so interesting, the player would what to play it everyday

The player can play against real players in real-time. Players can also challenge friends and family while playing. In the game players can also check the leaderboard to know who is the number one Chelsea runner in the world.  Also can players complete daily challenges to get extra coins to buy mystery boxes and other cool stuff

For mobile download of chelsea runner mobile game can be downloaded from your mobile store.

For Android users copy this link

For iOS users copy this link


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