We all know BBM. Which is also known as Black Berry Messenger is a messenger application on BlackBerry, Windows phone, iOS and Android device that allow users send messages and video calls. It is also a platform that gives various individual who use this device access to communicate with folk around the globe.


BBM Channel is an outstanding and latest updates in BBM that even most users don’t know about. This update can be found in the new version of BBM. It gives room to users to advertise their product. It also allows brands and communication between various individual. BBM Channel updates their users on new and upcoming events instantly through BBM. It gives users access to share post, like, comment and also read post.

BBM Channel have a nice interface that comes with Title, Photo and Message which makes it looks more fun to it users. It also have chat channel that gives owners of various channels means of interacting with their users.

With the help of BBM Channels you can have access to head your own channels and also be given nice view of having your own channel.

You don’t need a url to log into your BBM Channel or neither do you need to have web site. All you need to access you BBM Channel is your Black Berry Messenger app on you mobile device. You can also create your own BBM Channel on web manager. This will give you link to more personal options on your channel.

How to create BBM Channel on you Mobile Device

  • Lunch the BBM app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the symbol with three (3) lines at the top left on your chat page.
  • Select channel from list of option that pop out
  • The three dots at the top right of the home page of BBM channel is the menu. Click on it to see the next options.
  • Click create channel from the options that pop out
  • Fill in your personal detail or personal information such as your Channel Picture, Channel name, Short description, Category, Contact details, private channel and many more on the require field
  • Click save when you are done filling your personal detail to successfully activate your account.

Note:  you can chat with other channel subscribers without you having them on you contact list. This means you can also have new friend from different place around the globe that also has BBM Channel.

You can also choose to allow some friends and even not to, the choice is left for you because it is your own channel and you control everything that take place in it. You can decide to hide your channel from other subscriber and make it open to only those you invite to your channel.

Creating a BBM Channel on web manager

You can also open a BBM Channel on blackberry online web manager. Creating this account will give you link to more option such as; age and country restriction. Remember when filling your personal detail in your BBM Channel. These personal details were not required from you.

To create this account you have to sign in. After you might have sign in. just use the above step detail to create the account. Immediately you successfully create the account, a message notification will display on your screen notifying you that you have create you first BBM Channel account.

Promoting your BBM Channel   

The most essential way to grow your channel is by promoting it. This will always boost a subscriber base. Promoting your own channel can be done by you inviting your friends and family to subscribe to your channel. Sharing the link on other social network like Facebook, Bing, Wechat, and also tweeting it on tweeter is also a nice way of promoting your BBM Channel.

Just feel the joy, comfort and fun in having your own channel and also reaching out to the globe. Making them know about yourself, company, and most especially your product.

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